Healthy Vacationing For Business Owners

Benefits of healthy vacationing are real

Healthy vacationing is becoming not only a trend but a need specially for business owners with long workdays, stress, and daily chores which make difficult to lead healthy lives.

And although we frequently use our time off to overindulge, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, more and more professionals and business owners are discovering that resuming their fitness routines, relaxing in picturesque settings, and indulging in delectable locally sourced cuisine are all effective ways to reset their lives.

Whether you would like to practice yoga on the beach, take a personal cooking class, or hope to relax with a hot stone massage. Healthy vacationing is the best way to unwind and recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

As well as being an escape from the pressures of everyday life, Baja Holístic Journeys invites you to embark on a “road to wellness” adventure and take advantage of the area’s plethora of holistic programs, excursions, and healing spa services that aim to integrate the mind, body, and soul.


Cabo is already known as an incredible paradise boasting breath-taking scenery and countless beloved landmarks.

Sights like the iconic Arch of Los Cabos or Isla Espiritu Santo make it an easy destination to become mindfully aware of your surroundings.

Taking in the salty ocean air, the sizzling sounds of the local catch being prepared, and the rejuvenating caress of the ocean waves is the perfect setting to forget your work week, upcoming demands, and the little worries that dance routinely through your mind.

The picturesque combination of relaxation and exploration will take over your mind leaving no room to wander and setting the stage to truly embrace and enjoy yourself and your surroundings in a holistic way.


Once your mind is present in the moment you will be able to focus on detoxing the past stress and prepare your body for a rejuvenating healthy vacation.

Imagine closing your eyes softly in a dim room with the pressure of hot stones to relieve your stiff, tight muscles while smelling the curious soft scents of aromatherapy to forgive your body for the long days spent on your feet.

For a full range of ideas to promote your body’s detoxification check out our holistic wellness section. Your body will thank you for clearing the toxins and be ready for the nourishment to fuel your adventure.


Eating healthy on vacation may sound like a chore you are trying to avoid. It is true that restaurants typically offer more fried foods or use low quality ingredients.

Maybe you are thinking of the chopping, cooking, and piles of dishes that come with making your own meal and the time it would take to prepare a meal for your group and clean up the mess.

Ideally you’d rather relax with your group travel parters, sip a glass of wine, and chat about the adventures of the day while your meal is being prepared for you.

An easy way to enjoy that time and eat a healthy meal is a personal chef who will offer an array of holistic meals that feature local cuisine and provide entertainment as they prepare the delicious plates in front of your party.


Getting your steps in to meet your fitness goals won’t even feel like a workout. The land and ocean activities offered with scenic views of wildlife, aquatic creatures, and tropical landscapes will have your heart beating in more than one way.

Kayaking in Cabo San Lucas will get your arms moving and maintain your healthy muscle without having to stay inside and pump iron.

Mountain biking the trails of Los Cabos will engage your body whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner.

Or for a full body workout where you can let loose, share laughs, and meet the locals try salsa dancing.

There are many more exciting experiences that maintain your fitness levels without making it a burden. Check out a full list of tourist and local adventures. Once you release your energy and let the movement of your body motivate your health routine you’ll want to inspire your soul with the sights and sounds of the natural beauty that is surrounding your spirit.


The stunning scenery and epic sights that catch your eye every time you turn your head are sure to take your breath away and soothe your soul.

The mix of excitement, wonder, and calmness will enchant your spirit in a way that moves you to truly connect your mind, body and soul.

Taking a private sunset cruise around the coast of Cabo San Lucas is ideal for those looking for solitude and peace away from the masses.

Take a horseback riding excursion from Cabo San Lucas and let the breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Coast entice you.

Yoga is another way to profoundly transform the human spirit while simultaneously awakening the individual’s mind and consciousness so they are ready to take on the challenges of the day and realize the full potential of themselves and their environment.

Healthy Vacationing

The mindfulness, detoxification, energizing, and inspiring activities of a healthy vacation will unite the body, the mind, and the soul. Internal spiritual techniques, healthy movement, and fascinating views will encompass your being and help you reconnect with your core.

Baja Sur is a wellness destination for business owners seeking physical health and emotional balance. Studies show that being near the beach has many advantages, including a reduction in stress, an increase in creativity, productivity and better health.

So gather your group of stressed coworkers or business partners and enjoy a holistic experience in Baja California Sur.

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