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Connect with mindful facilitators, retreat venues, event planners and other well-being services in Baja California Sur México.

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Holistic wellness is the main focus of the services listed in this directory. Let the experts guide you through a journey of self-discovery and healing for the mind, body and soul.

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Customize the enlightened vacation experience you need, host a wellness retreat of your dreams or create the incentive trip molded to suit the vision of your practice.

wellness travel, holistic therapies Los Cabos Mexico

Holistic Wellness Experiences : Integrate the mind, body & soul through alternative therapies, spa treatments, spiritual rituals & other services.

Private Chefs & Healthy Catering: Baja cuisine, gluten free, plant based or vegan menus cooked with high quality local ingredients by world class private chefs.

wellness travel, healthy catering, vegan chefs in Baja Sur

Classes & Workshops : Unlock your imagination, select the most appealing DIY guided by a creative artist in Los Cabos

Shop Local Brands : Discover and support the best eco friendly, craft-made and organic products from emerging local brands.

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Event & Retreat Planners : Experts who can assist in organizing your next event or retreat. Find out about their services and contact details.

What is it wellness travel?

wellness travel Baja Holistic Journeys

Wellness travel is not “medical tourism” or “health tourism”.

Wellness travel is a form of travel aimed at achieving personal wellbeing and developing a holistic outlook.

It is inspired by the desire for a lifestyle which is healthy, balanced and stress free.

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Well-being services, including holistic centers, yoga studios, nutritionists, mental health professionals, fitness coaches, and alternative healing practitioners. 

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