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Alterno Wines in los cabos

Luxury meets taste in Los Cabos, and Alterno Wines is no exception. Alterno’s star offering in a competitive market of distinguished alcohol-free wines, a delicious drinking experience without the hangover. 

Today, Baja California Sur stands at the forefront of Mexico’s wellness destinations, and there is no shortage of exclusive wellness brands to choose from.

This revolutionary store is brought by Alejandra Rangel, who is passionate about exceptional wine and a healthy lifestyle, she knows that abstaining from alcohol is a great choice but there is still the option to enjoy a quality glass of wine whitout compromising sobriety.

For now you can buy this products in the online store and get them shipped to you if you are located in the Baja California Sur area.

Contact Alterno Wines today to book a private non-alcoholic wine tasting party, don’t forget to ask about wholesale prices for local restaurants, bars and catering companies.

Alterno Wines, alcohol-free wines in Los Cabos

With a handpicked selection of top European and American brands, including the crème de la crème from France, Italy, and Spain, Alterno is on a mission to redefine your drinking experience through their exquisite non-alcoholic wines. 

Enjoy exclusive brands such as “Lussory Organic” and “Señorio de la Tautila” from Spain, “Pierre Chavin” from France, “Princess” from Italy and other exquisite alcohol- free bottles being served up amongst Cabo’s most prestigious hotels, exclusive events, and fine dining establishments. 

This exclusive selection of healthy adult beverages empower you to revel in life’s pleasures

Discover the alternative narrative and the art of refined taste with this exclusive collection of non- alcoholic wines.

If you have made the switch to living a sober lifestyle, perhaps you are giving yourself a break from alcohol, taking care of your health, you have been sober all your life, or simply curious about this new 0.0 wines.

Be ready to fully immerse yourself in the world of alcohol-free wines.

There is no need to drink boring kid’s drinks or the same mixed beverages loaded of sugar anymore. Now, you can buy in Los Cabos a curated selection of wines offering benefits such as .05% alcohol, low sugar, low calories, vegan, organic and other.

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