NUI – A Holistic Brand Of Aromas And Personal Care By Alejandra Calderon

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NUI: Natural, Holistic Beauty and Wellness Products

Natural aromatherapy and personal care products for holistic beauty and wellness.

NUI, is an exquisite line of indoor amenities and scent beauty products, with a deep sense of well-being and harmony, NUI amenities was created in 2021 by Alejandra Calderon.

NUI’s products are carefully crafted using natural and sustainable ingredients, such as Bamboo/Tea Lime, White Sandalwood, Cherry Passion, Rosemary and other natural essences ensuring that they not only provide leisure but also are align with the values of conscious consumers.

From indoor fragrances that fill the air with exquisite scents, to before and after-sun revitalizing skin protection, and luxurious bath and body products that nourish the skin. NUI offers a holistic approach to personal care that extends beyond the individual.

NUI amenities understand the importance of creating a holistic environment

Elevating spaces such as of hotels, restaurants, and offices has never been easier. 

Imagine walking into a space that feels like a sanctuary, where every aspect has been carefully designed to enhance well-being and productivity.

A key benefit of using NUI’s fragrances is to create a holistic environment along with the impact it has on our mental and emotional well-being. 

Studies have shown that being in nature and/or surrounded by elements that mimic nature, can have a calming effect on our minds. 

Is well known that by incorporating elements of nature into our spaces, we can create a sense of tranquility and promote relaxation.

Unique and evocative fragrances for your surroundings in Los Cabos

Whether you’re a hotelier looking to provide a memorable stay for your guests, a restaurateur seeking to create a unique dining experience, or an office manager aiming to boost productivity and employee satisfaction, NUI has the expertise and solutions to meet your needs.

Alejandra’s goal is to transmit happiness and tranquility with her products, s well to create a sense of luxury and exclusivity. With NUI you can differentiate your space and attract discerning customers who are seeking a truly exceptional experience, NUI’s fragrances will enhance the overall well-being and satisfaction of individuals using the space.

    Buy the best holistic amenities!

    Pamper you guests and consumers in Cabo with the aromatic magic of NUI amenities. Adding this exclusive line of delicate fragrances to your spaces can make a positive impact on your clients stay in Los Cabos.

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