Segundera Cabo – The Upscale Thrift Market In Baja Sur

segundera cabo second hand store Baja California Sur

Segundera Cabo is the ultimate playground for fashion rebels and eco-conscious enthusiasts!

Created by the fabulous Jazmín Hernández, this vibrant online marketplace is a hub of second-hand treasures and sustainable style. As the second most polluting industry globally, the impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment is undeniable.

Segundera Cabo all started with Jazz’s personal journey of accumulating items she did not need and the desire to find a space to sell them. Unable to find the ideal platform in Cabo, she took matters into her own hands and created a Facebook group.

What began as a platform to sell her own pre-loved items quickly grew into a thriving community of fashion-forward warriors, with over 1000 members within weeks.

Today, the second hand store Segundera Cabo has become so popular, increasing followers, bringing more events to the hottest locations and on a mission to conquer the world of fashion by storm, one recycled outfit at a time. 

Jazz truly believes that is a decision to prioritize environmentally friendly practices, such as using organic and natural materials, reducing waste, and supporting fair trade principles.

Segundera Cabo is coming to you soon

As this fabulous community committed with reselling, reusing and recycling their favorite pieces of their wardrobe grows , Jazmin works harder finding spots to host future events. Stay tuned and be ready to clean out your closet because there are more events coming soon.

At Baja Holistic Journeys, we are on a mission to fuel the growth and longevity of local businesses that are deeply committed to the holistic practices that we all love.

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