Are We Teaching Wellness?

Benefits of teaching wellness are real. Today, education suffers from disaffected students, teacher burn-out, parents abandoning the public education system, and poor exam results. One issue that deserves more attention is pedagogy: the manner in which schools undertake the methods and practices of teaching and learning. 

Whilst education is expected to follow long-established norms, such as an average school day of 7 hours and a strict set of subjects, growing evidence suggests that both students’ and teachers’ needs have evolved. It is therefore imperative to reconsider conventional pedagogy and incorporate vital lessons about physical, psychological, and mental health that are often neglected within the education system.

Teaching wellness outside the classroom

Holistic vacation experiences offer students a plethora of benefits that contribute to personal growth both inside and outside of the classroom.

Teaching wellness while traveling brings new ways to lower stress, create meaningful connections with others, and build a new sense of belonging that will refresh your educational experience.

Encourage your students and educators to try new activities and develop new hobbies to take back home and fuel their time at school!

For instance, the Cabos region is famous for its water and adrenaline based activities: get your students diving, snorkeling, wakeboarding, moving on a rope course in the desert, or zip lining.

On top of this, students will delve into the rich educational side of Mexican culture. Learning about the traditional events, beautiful bio-wildlife, and exotic cuisine (fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs), of the Baja region will imbue your students with a refined cultural lens to view the world anew.

For teachers looking to become better educators, Los Cabos is a great destination to explore a range of mindfulness and holistic practices

Teachers and students alike will experience a new sense of curiosity, compassion, and a long-lasting positive approach towards life, work, and education. 

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