Ayahuasca Ritual In Los Cabos Mexico

An Ayahuasca ritual boom 

The Ayahuasca ritual is an ancient herbal brew once practiced only in the remote stretches of the Amazon rainforest, has slowly found its way into the Western mainstream.

Arguably, Ayahuasca now stands at the epicenter of Latin America’s wellness scene.

Boasting spectacular ocean and desert landscapes, Los Cabos is a popular destinations for seeking Ayahuasca practitioners and enlightening experiences in Mexico.

Why are more and more people talking about Ayahuasca? What is this ancient medicine all about, and more importantly, why should you consider taking Ayahuasca on a wellness vacation in Los Cabos? Let’s start from the beginning.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a thick brown tea prepared by brewing Amazonian plants together. The leaves of the Chacruna plant release a naturally occurring substance called Diméthyltryptamine (DMT) that creates the hallucinogenic effects of ayahuasca. The brew is made using Caapi, a unique vine that allows our body to absorb the DMT – and only grows in the rainforest.

Making Ayahuasca is an extremely precise process that spans the course of multiple days. First, the vine segments are cut and cleaned, mashed into thin strands, added into a pot with the chacruna leaves, and then placed over a fire to boil. As the water reduces, the medicinal essences of the plants are cooked, increasing the strength of the final brew.

Once the brew has cooled, the medicine is filtered using a fine cloth to remove any plant material, prayers are made to bless the medicine, and it is stored into a bottle ready for ceremony. 

Ayahuasca ritual cooking process
Ayahuasca Preparation

Purging and ceremony preparation

The phrase “you are what you eat” certainly applies to Ayahuasca ritual preparation. In order for participants to best experience the effects of the plant medicine, Shamans recommend following a strict diet which rules out consumption of red meat, alcohol, drugs and sex for at least 24 hours before the ceremony.

However, stricter tribes extend diets to sugar, salt, wheat as well as various lifestyle aspects: what we consume through our eyes, ears, nose, pores, minds, hearts, and spirits are just as important when seeking to maintain holistic health. 

Whilst the diet is not mandatory, the plant medicine will naturally react to these chemicals (salt, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc) and invoke a purging experience. Indeed, many individuals have reported vomiting profusely during their experiences.

In essence, the goal of the Ayahuasca diet is to remove the body of toxins and heavy energies in order to become lighter and more open to receive the sacred medicine.

By sacrificing stimulants and pleasurable foods, an important intention to raise vibrational levels is made by participants. This increased level of sensitivity is what allows the plant medicine to work its magic. 

On top of this, the practices of yoga and meditation are highly advised in order to promote consciousness, build mental clarity, and help participants set an intention for their Ayahuasca journey.

Since Ayahuasca is considered the mother of all plant medicine, spending time communing with nature will set the foundation for a deeper relationship to be developed during Ayahuasca experiences. 

What to expect during the Ayahuasca ritual  

A traditional Ayahuasca ceremony is conducted by a healer or Chamán who guides participants through the Ayahuasca journey. During the ceremony, Chamánes or Shamans will call in the spirits of plants, animals, and ancestors and ask them to heal the sufferings, diseases, and afflictions of the participants.

Whilst the trip can last up to five hours, participants can expect a full night of deep connection to a higher intelligence.

Unlike most Westerners today seeking psychotic and emotional relief, Ancient Amazonian tribes used Ayahuasca as a diagnostic and purging tool to communicate with “La Abuela” (meaning Mother Earth). As such, many Shamans around the world promote the vision of Ayahuasca as embodying a feminine spirit. Through the drinking of the plant medicine, participants are able to communicate directly with her. 

Singing is often an integral part of ceremony practice. Chamánes will draw on the beauty of traditional indigenous Amazonian songs (icaros) to serve as musical prayers that embody the powers of nature, deities, and elemental forces.

These healing and spiritual sounds communicate and resonate with the energetic body of participants, enhancing the visionary effects of Ayahuasca and often provoking strong emotions, sensations, and altered states of consciousness.

Contribution through song is highly welcome and encouraged for participants to fully engage in the process and release unwanted feelings often trapped within the body or mind. This blend of sound and movement with the potency of Ayahuasca allows Shamans to build the communication bridge with the plants and offer the right medicine to all participants.

The Ayahuasca journey

Some describe the experience as “ten years of therapy downloaded into one night”, others refer to encounters with the divine, and the rest have been inspired to renounce their worldly lives to dedicate themselves to a path of holistic plant medicine. The effects of Ayahuasca will vary from person to person and there is certainly no one size fits all. 

What connects all individuals and Ayahuasca is usually an intention to promote psychological healing, personal growth, and increased consciousness. This could not be more relevant to the modern world: 21st century globalisation has resulted in a severe disconnect from Mother Earth. We live in high-rise apartments, drive cars, and spend a lot of time staring at screens.

Ayahuasca ritual can be an immersive experience

which includes physical temporary effects such as kaleidoscopic vision, changes in time perception, alteration of auditory perception, eye opening spiritual and/or terrifying, experiences, some people could have experienced contact with entities.

Ayahuasca is not the answer to your problems, but it will open your eyes to the connection with nature that modernity most certainly needs, but does not have. 

Ayahuasca rituals and retreats in Los Cabos Mexico

Ayahuasca rituals and retreats in Los Cabos 

The majority of Ayahuasca retreats are held in remote places of the globe that showcase the most vibrant sides of nature. Surrounded by pristine blue waters, soaring mountains, and the rugged desert landscape of Baja California, Los Cabos makes the perfect setting for an Ayahuasca trip. Many Shamans are known to travel and work amongst the region, sharing their unique wisdom of this ancient medicine by hosting exclusive retreats and Ayahuasca experiences for locals and travellers alike.

Here at Baja Holistic Journeys we are well connected to Ayahuasca experts in Baja sur area and are committed to assisting groups plan the life-changing experience they seek. 

Immerse yourself in nature and allow the wonders of this ancient medicine to lift you to new heights. 

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